Teardrop Banner in Wine Trade Show

MU win the land, wine fragrance promotion with Teardrop Banners. August 19 morning, sugar, wine by the Shandong Province Laiwu food business associations and government co-sponsored, Laiwu Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Convention and Exhibition Centre Management Office in Laiwu, Laiwu City, Association of alcohol in the fall of 2010 commodity trading sugar, wine, Shandong Province Laiwu Convention Center dressed in the opening.

Municipal Committee, vice mayor of one by Germany to attend the opening ceremony and delivered a speech, the Provincial Association of sugar, wine food business Mr Zhang Hongjiang, deputy director Xie Yimin Municipal People’s Congress, CPPCC Vice-Chairman Su Wende city attended the opening ceremony, the provincial food sugar, wine Xuejian Rui, vice president of business associations announced the opening of Sugar & Wine Trade Fair with Teardrop Banner Flags flying around.

In his speech, one by Germany on behalf of the municipal government of the participating companies come and friends a warm welcome. He said that in recent years, the municipal government adhere to speed up the development of service industry as a switch to adjust the structure of a breakthrough way, is located in Shandong Laiwu full advantage in the area, supporting transportation advantages and industrial advantages, the development of commercial and trade circulation and the overall urban and rural areas integration combined with efforts to use modern technology, new business models.

The formation and the new flow of the transformation of traditional business services, improve service levels and levels. The Fair is also the city to implement initiatives to promote the rapid development of service industry. Wish the exhibitors in the fruitful, but also look forward to participating enterprises to take advantage of this opportunity, into Laiwu, Laiwu invest to achieve greater development.

In the opening scene, from all over the wine food enterprises “Eight Immortals, done their best to” use the unique mounting of sugar, wine companies show their own characteristics. Among them, the province’s “Bandongjing”, “King spring”, “Miguel source”, “Lan Ling,” “Dunhuang Grottoes Family” has always been a noble wine enterprises inherited Zuopai to atmospheric win, so that participants tourists refreshing. In addition, the atmosphere beautiful, clever layout of Foreign wine enterprises, such as “Gujing”, “Langjiu”, “Heng Fa Chuen,” and so on, also dressed appearance.

Numerous mobile advertising team, the 100 hostesses, event marketing personnel and exhibitors in the sea of people into the shuttle. Convention Center in the road leading to both sides, filled with all kinds of colorful billboards, Teardrop Banner, 21 color across the street door is across the road in the entire Phoenix, all come to discuss the experience of live trading clients enjoy the warm atmosphere.

Rum of the first exhibition day, 30,000 professional visitors influx of Convention and Exhibition Centre, the whole in a warm atmosphere, hot deal. It is understood that more than 1,200 exhibiting companies from Beijing, Anhui, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Jilin, more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and exhibition area reached 30,000 square meters, the exhibition for 3 days, are expected to 4-5 million people participate in the exhibition is expected to show turnover of 12-15 billion.

Sugar & Wine Trade Fair in Shandong Province has 32 years of history, is the province one of the largest professional trade fair. The Sugar & Wine Fair is the host city for the first time, raising awareness in our city and establish a city’s image, expanding opening up, promote economic development.