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Teardrop Banner in Wine Trade Show

MU win the land, wine fragrance promotion with Teardrop Banners. August 19 morning, sugar, wine by the Shandong Province Laiwu food business associations and government co-sponsored, Laiwu Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Convention and Exhibition Centre Management Office in Laiwu, Laiwu City, Association of alcohol in the fall of 2010 commodity trading sugar, wine, Shandong Province Laiwu Convention Center dressed in the opening.

Municipal Committee, vice mayor of one by Germany to attend the opening ceremony and delivered a speech, the Provincial Association of sugar, wine food business Mr Zhang Hongjiang, deputy director Xie Yimin Municipal People’s Congress, CPPCC Vice-Chairman Su Wende city attended the opening ceremony, the provincial food sugar, wine Xuejian Rui, vice president of business associations announced the opening of Sugar & Wine Trade Fair with Teardrop Banner Flags flying around. Continue reading

Teardrop Banners

PRC starts today, start on the West Side area of the central unit of quarters for rectification of households accounts registered.  Today at 10 am, West Side Road on the altar neighborhoods, census area census takers Wang Yi and her colleagues, came to SAIC dormitory, Building 6, Room 1402, residents of the household checking account information.

Starts today, started on the West Side area of the central unit of quarters for rectification of households accounts registered. Wang entered the room with a Teardrop Banner, first put on shoe covers, and then headed Lee uncle gave an undertaking to the control accounts began Grandpa Lee family of the living conditions of population, family relationship and have no families, etc. to check the separation. Whole-home less than 15 minutes, received strong support from his wife Lee Grandpa. Continue reading