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Private lable brand building with retractable banners

Big push its own brand in major chain stores have to seize the market with low-cost own-brand distributors entered World War II on the occasion of its own brand. Eight years ago, once said that “I swear to ensure the cheapest daily necessities, otherwise retire twice the difference!” Retractable Banner Advertising appeals Watson, from the second half of 2006, but never played your personal shop, Your Personal Store “slogan to personalized merchandise as the core of competition. Watson not only take the low road, but also design the most suitable for the individual quality of goods, and rob “great potential” commodity markets.

To make segmentation and General Drugstore pathway, Watson not only in US, Asia’s first consumer Creation and Research Center, also US’s development to create their own brand, its own merchandise and he sold goods. Whether an area regarded tentacles extend into the hearts of consumers, and tap the most personal insight to sights on the consumer purse.

In recent years, the emergence of smart consumption patterns around the world, consumers through various channels, to compare brands, prices, quality; flooded with all kinds of trial reports on the Internet, articles in various professional and of incisive comments, so that consumers evolving not only learned of the planned consumption, while the selection of merchandise, but also to shop around, the brand cross. In order to find the best goods to meet the individual needs, but also between price and quality, to achieve maximum efficiency. Continue reading

Integration of retractable banner advertising with online game is emerging

Online games attract hundreds of thousands of people a day on the line, and therefore the content of the game, but also the media value. Future retractable banners advertising may become the game industry is an important industry income, to become a new kind of media, such as “Kart” Peugeot sports cars and related products.

Due to the bandwidth increase and diversified content design and refinement, network game is no longer simply a source of entertainment for many consumers, has become an important social media and extending up there ages trend. With the growing influence and sphere of influence amplification, online gaming has become an important marketing methods marketing people can not be ignored. Continue reading

Search engine advertising market development

Recently, Google Taiwan market action frequently, so that competitors are all fear of staring at Google Next sent in January this year to expand its keyword advertising business, Google just joined Google, as global vice president of Greater China business vice president John Liu, oversee the Greater China team to SMEs as the main objective while Attacking the keyword advertising market in Taiwan is booming.

According to the information of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan’s overall enterprise, 97.77% of small and medium enterprises, greatly affect Taiwan’s economy as a whole. And for the industry in terms of the network platform, such a large number of SMEs, it is an important market to expand the keywords business, before Taiwan Yahoo! Kimo that keyword advertising business, 90% of customers are not well-known advertisers, but a small advertising budget, but want to try the SME network platform marketing. Google has just celebrated its second anniversary in Taiwan, also set his sights on the strength of small and medium enterprises will be driven by the expansion of the Google main keyword advertising AdWords. Continue reading

University students auction contest

To nurture the talents of the new generation of e-commerce, and college students early experience of e-commerce practical experience, Yahoo! Kimo Auction’s first university-industry cooperation platform for creative contest of the National College e-commerce (E-Commerce Idea Competition, referred to as the EC-IC) and second collaboration with the National Sun Yat game expansion to the south of the five schools. After 60 days of competition, the 24 groups participating students first auction on to create the medals total revenue of 30 million yuan, the results of first place in the team to a record monthly turnover of more than 5 million outstanding results. Continue reading