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Outdoor Banner Stand printing ink and printer requirement

Aqueous and indoor ink, also known as dye ink, does not prevent UV fade quickly in the sun. Non-aqueous ink is oil-based ink is also called the solvent ink. Better UV resistance, weather resistance, can not be the instrument legs color. In general, it is not, water based and oil is not so divided. Water-based or oil is given in accordance with the type of ink used in solvent.

Weak solvent ink is no objection to the basic use oil-based solvents, dyes or pigments according to different uses may be waterborne may also be oily. Dye ink is the most common and the most popular ink and print colorful, cheap, good mobility, but are chemically unstable, durability is not good, fast fading; pigment ink color as the dye-based inks, the price is more expensive than dye-based inks, the mobile not as good as dye, but the durability is very good.

Two kinds of ink mainly divided into indoor and Outdoor Banner Stand

Ink: indoor dye water-based ink and pigment water-based ink, a small desktop inkjet printers and photo machine to use this ink for coated paper media.

By end-use sub-types of inkjet is divided into indoor inkjet (photo), and Outdoor Banner Stand inkjet, indoor inkjet usually produced by photo machines, fine quality, but the ink is water-based ink, for fear of UV rays, it is only can be used indoors. Outdoor Banner Stands inkjet, UV resistance, but finesse is far better than indoor inkjet, generally used to produce large-format propaganda billboards, Outdoor Banner Stand plaque.

Types of inkjet materials: The materials generally used in indoor inkjet adhesive PP, glossy photo paper, waterproof photo cloth, back blowtorch piece, white canvas, silver eagles cloth, canvas, transparencies and so on. The commonly used material for Outdoor Banner Stand inkjet Bao Li Bu (flex banner), car stickers, mesh paste (single through). The type of printing cloth (light box cloth): light box cloth is divided into the light transmittance and light position lighting banner, before lighting light box cloth and mesh three kinds of light box cloth Continue reading

Retractable Banner Stands in university Telecom promotion

The beginning of school, campus marketing has become a major event in the telecommunications industry, major carriers have also offered to drop various publicity and marketing. Recently, the flight network of journalists in the telecommunications industry as the Whampoa Military Academy – Beijing University of Posts and also feel a bit intense on-site campus marketing Competition.

Marketing Attitude: Unicom maximum transfer

Campus in the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, you can see the operator’s marketing posters, with the original region in the north, coupled with the networks and terminals is relatively mature, China Unicom’s market it is very high profile and strong. Although the Telecom headquarters in the South, but also desire to expand the markets of the North, despite the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications of China Unicom as a high-profile advertising and marketing, but its delicate and refined also impressive. Compared with China Unicom and telecommunications, mobile’s a lot less advertising momentum, only a few simple Retractable Banner Stands placed on the roadside.

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Banner Stand

To allow users to quickly understand the “World Expo, the Asian Games welcome” civilized relay the message content and participatory approaches, China Telecom to fully mobilize the available resources, the mobile phone newspaper, mail, Web and other telecommunications advantages MegaUpload business forms, a comprehensive promotional activities. China Telecom, the companies use the 10,659,855 outstanding port mass Seed SMS, calls the user participation in activities to enhance the activities of known degree. At present, over 100 activities total mass publicity notices and excellent seed SMS, send the user a total of 50 million. Hall and other places around the still open Retractable Banner Stand exhibition display rack and poster materials.

Companies in particular the use of Retractable Banner Stands to further develop local characteristics, combined with features such as local and national organizations active in promotional activities and integrating systems to guide users to participate, improve user participation.

In Beijing, the China Telecom Group, all Group employees to participate in trade unions called “World Expo to promote the Asian Games Tianyi off” civilized activities of SMS forwarding, forwarding capacity of 5 million or more per month, a cultural group within a beautiful landscape, “civilized message” into the The heart of each employee.

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