Banner Stand

To allow users to quickly understand the “World Expo, the Asian Games welcome” civilized relay the message content and participatory approaches, China Telecom to fully mobilize the available resources, the mobile phone newspaper, mail, Web and other telecommunications advantages MegaUpload business forms, a comprehensive promotional activities. China Telecom, the companies use the 10,659,855 outstanding port mass Seed SMS, calls the user participation in activities to enhance the activities of known degree. At present, over 100 activities total mass publicity notices and excellent seed SMS, send the user a total of 50 million. Hall and other places around the still open Retractable Banner Stand exhibition display rack and poster materials.

Companies in particular the use of Retractable Banner Stands to further develop local characteristics, combined with features such as local and national organizations active in promotional activities and integrating systems to guide users to participate, improve user participation.

In Beijing, the China Telecom Group, all Group employees to participate in trade unions called “World Expo to promote the Asian Games Tianyi off” civilized activities of SMS forwarding, forwarding capacity of 5 million or more per month, a cultural group within a beautiful landscape, “civilized message” into the The heart of each employee.

In Chongqing, China Telecom Chongqing Branch organized a “red media culture” Zhuanbohuodong, Zhang Qi and the Chongqing Municipal Office Baochi close Lianxi foreign propaganda, weekly issued Wen Ming Xia seed SMS 100 000 Yi Shang, Yin Dao user forward.

In Guangdong, the Guangdong branch of China Telecom planned a “civilized e from the issue of the” special events, through the “study of civilization,” “with civilization”, “spreading civilization” and “shared civilization” series of special events to further promote the civilization and text messaging. Report by the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department and the communication has been related to the leadership of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department of the recognition and appreciation of, and expressed willingness to jointly issued a document called the community participation.

In Zhejiang, Zhejiang branch of China Telecom will be “civilized message” and the combination of mobile phone culture, editorial, nearly a hundred articles catchy, easy handed down through the “red” scripts in the content, highlighting the party and state leaders of the classic statements and scientific development concept of information theory. Branch party organizations at all levels to the business day, send a “red piece is” spread among party members “red piece is” foster healthy social trends, promote the correct outlook on life and values to guide positive culture.

In order to provide richer content and excellent forward, civilized message relay Retractable Banners to strengthen the mechanisms for the introduction of civil work of original writers, by pressing the forward rate on creative players to assessment, the realization of the content quality merits for the benefits-driven writers cooperation mechanism, organized a 20 person team of professional writers, to seed the creation of SMS, 10 points around the proposed creation of civilization views, writers who had careful preparation and consultation, created a number of levels, there high, thinking of the civilized message, inspired the enthusiasm of the user forward and promote the transfer activities.